Wireless Capabilities wont turn on (FIXED)


Updated video over here yay 🙂

It Works
i keep pressing my function keys but its not working

maybe the function keys works for you
if not use energy mangement

Id use energy mangement because somehow my wireless network card is turned off and no power thats why

If you are watching this video on your phone and you need the lenovo energy management app for your computer just borrow or use someones computer or loptop or goto a computershop to download the file and then transfer it to your usb to your computer and then wlaaa there ya go 🙂

i have this problem about a weeks ago and im trying to figure it out.

and i use a atheros wireless network card it doesnt matter what are you using

Download Links:
Link to download lenovo energy management for wwindows 7:
Link to download lenovo energy management for wwindows 8:

Have any problems comment down below i will be happy to help you 🙂

please Comment and let me know if this works!!!

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