Triple your Battery Life for FREE! THIS METHOD REALLY WORKS!


We’ve all read about how to extend our laptop’s battery life, but in this video we find out just how much juice the most common tricks get us.

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  1. you know when you are clicking on a 10min YouTube video titled "triple your batter life for free" that its completely not about tripling it in any way shape or foarm.

  2. Hi @Linus Tech Tips what if I'm using a wireless bluetooth mouse and keyboard will it also drain my battery big time?

  3. I love how this is a professional multi million subscriber tech channel but they make dark family/sex jokes on a guys personality

  4. always keep your laptop plugged in (with the battery removed!) when you're just staying in one place and don't have to move around to extend the battery life in the long run

  5. Dude was mad asf for like 3 weeks like why the fuck do i get only 1.5 hours every damn time……turn off most apps same even backlight… same….unplugs g502 hero logtech mouse gets 6 hours

  6. Trust me expressvpn is much better, they work on RAM, boosts internet speed and allow netflix streaming (mostly).

  7. This video title reads eerily like one of those sketchy adds you see at the bottom of a news article "This exotic fruit is 3x more effective than traditional weight loss methods."

  8. What about a wireless keyboard and mouse? Since the devices that are using the most power are battery operated by their own power supply it should reduce the battery usage on the laptop.


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