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Like so many gadgets of the past half-decade, security cameras have gotten smart thanks to advances in artificial intelligence. Almost all of the mainstream ones do motion detection, and some can differentiate between people and pets and even perform real-time facial recognition. But how smart do you need your camera to be? Here’s a guide on picking the right indoor home security camera for you, based on the right mix of price, AI features, and cloud subscription benefits. Subscribe:

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Amazon Cloud Cam:
Nest Cam IQ Indoor:
Netgear Arlo Q:
Logi Circle 2:

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  1. "Smart home appliance" more like lazy bum appliances. Plus I've got enough NSA monitored devices, they dont need another way to know every aspect of my life.

  2. I don't have Wi-Fi where I live and I'm trying to get a camera for next month to put up in my room I've got like a little bitty room that I'm living in the people that I the building that I'm living in I have been coming in my room and taking and stealing my fishing stuff and still doing some things in my room which is really meaningless since it's just to tell me that they can do it and get away with it so I'm trying to find me a good camera system when I get paid the first of the month I'm handicapped and I don't know why what kind of camera did purchase and I'm probably going to go out Walmart because I don't got very much money to work with is anybody got any ideas on what I should do or where should I go to get one

  3. Secure your home with #ipcamera #wificamera

  4. I can't believe they didn't mention Wyze Cam. I have both the v2 and the pan and honestly for $20/$30 and free cloud recording. You just can't beat it!

  5. Why monthly subscription? The AI features requires the video stream uploaded to a server or the camera can work out all the AI stuff by its own?

  6. Dumbest video ever. Get a Wyze cam for $100 less with more features. Seriously why… this is like navigating to Amazon and saying what's the best web cam.

  7. i came to the comments just to see how many people comment on why Wyzecam was left out. I bought at $250 ring camera and find the $20 Wyzecam much more useful. It's pretty amazing. You guys really should have included.


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