Thai Food With Lisa (BLACKPINK), Elkie (CLC), & Minnie ((G)-IDLE)

Thai Food With Lisa (BLACKPINK), Elkie (CLC), & Minnie ((G)-IDLE)

The lunch everyone has been waiting for! I hope you guys are all enjoying your weekend and also take care of yourself. Please enjoy the video!

**(Thai, Korean, English Subs)**

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  1. Miss you Lisa 💛💜

  2. Nowadays Corona is really dangerous. Please wear your face-mask on and wash your hands cleanly. I love you guys ^^ We support this friendship CLC – BLACKPINK – (G)I-DLE

  3. Bestfriend

  4. Jir ada tumis kangkung

  5. She didn’t show Lisa one time in this video

  6. 리사본다고들어왔다가허탕ㅜ그리고조회수는어쩔수없이👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

  7. I love this group!! I want their friendship to grow

  8. Morning glory looks like kangkung tho

  9. omg lisa is here

  10. they didn't have serving spoon or something?

  11. Sorn is one of the humblest people on earth.🥺💗

  12. Hola i love You❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. so cute to see them hanging out kind of freely all together

  14. LMAO minnie so cute

  15. so are blackpink members not allowed to be in other celeb channels? Hyeri from Girl's Day had invited Rose over and she didn't show her face either. I'm guessing it has to do with no make up but like idk

  16. น่ารักมากค่าาา

  17. คิดถึงทุกคนเลยดูแลสุขภาพกันด้วยนะคะพักผ่อนเยอะๆๆนะ

  18. ทำไมไม่ให้เห็นหน้าลิซ่าอะ

  19. I was really confused why all blackpink members can't be seen in any vlog

  20. Thank you for feeding us with this interaction ❤️

  21. Lisaa❤️

  22. Omg Lisa and Minnie hearing them talking😘

  23. OMG THEY ARE FRIENDS AWW I LOVE THIS~❤️ I’m so shocked 😮

  24. their friendship makes me really happy

  25. Produsorn and Lilifilm official collab pls

  26. yg really owns the girls holy f

  27. ลิซ่าเสียงขึ้นจมูกมากก เสียงดูมีมิติ โทนต่ำ

  28. Trilingual queens❤️❤️

  29. I feel bad for Lisa. Imagine having your own identity copyrighted. Dang…

  30. คนไทยค่าาา

  31. พูดทั้ง3ภาษาเลย555

  32. แทกุกไลน์มารวมกันละน่ารักสุดๆเลยยย

  33. I dislike this video for not showing lisaa

  34. พี่สรคะ thai line มีใครบ้างคะ??


  36. น่ารัก

  37. Koreans don't even care….
    I heard they are not famous in there.
    I think they don't know who they are.

  38. I'm so happy that lisa hangout with this thai girls🥰 #SmallYoutuberHere

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