Samsung Galaxy A9 Review!

Samsung Galaxy A9 Review!

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What does the latest addition to the refreshed Galaxy A series bring to the table? We find out, in this in-depth Samsung Galaxy A9 review!

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  1. "gigantic" 6 inches phone lol

  2. I love how samsung had ois on every a9 phones except for the a9 2018 which is meant to be a great budget phone but got overpriced with specs that are not that great

  3. am sorry to tell u thats not the samsung galaxy a9 , the a9 has 4 camera and has no home button like broh before doing the video try to do some research on the phone or item u are going to talk about trust me it will save u the embarrassment

  4. Is a5 2016 still available.. I want to take it. It is my dream Phone ..

  5. Doesn’t the Samsung a9 have Quad Cameras?

  6. Is this an April fool's joke their is a phone call Samsung a9 with four cameras. This so weird and confusing.😶

  7. That is not the A9… at least tell people that in the title. The A9 has no home button and has four cameras. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. Hey woman ur a very very veryyyyyy boring reviewer…. plz stick to makeup n cosmetics review

  9. Where can I purchase a United States-compatible model of this phone?

  10. a9 came out before a8? am i dreaming?

  11. A similar C9 Pro is much better VALUE :
    6GB ram vs 3GB
    64GB storage vs 32GB
    Slightly better battery life and slightly faster charging
    Snapdragon 653 vs 652
    USB C vs microUSB
    Metal back vs glass(less vulnerable to drops)
    Better cameras
    Only slightly more cost: $510 vs $485
    Grace UX on 6.0.1 and upgradeable to 7.1.1 and planned to 8.0 or 8.1 vs 5.1 1 to start and upgradeable to Touchwiz 6.0.1
    Dual tone flash vs single tone.
    Slimmer (6.9mm vs 7.4)
    Lighter: 188 grams vs 200
    No downgrade in battery size: 4000 = 4000

  12. I don't find the 367ppi a problem. Who does?

  13. A9 is best If u agree than like

  14. I love you

  15. The screen of Galaxy a9 is the biggest one as no home key would occupy any space at the bottom

  16. But can it run crysis

  17. My phone is Samsung A9 but it isn't the same as shown in the review so sad

  18. The A9 only supports 2.0 charging. Still… 2h??

  19. How to enable fingerprint scanner on Galaxy SM- A9000

  20. J7 Perx is my favorite phone ever but this is very tempting!

  21. Dad would love this he's so into huge gigantic phone

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