Samsung Galaxy A9 Review!


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What does the latest addition to the refreshed Galaxy A series bring to the table? We find out, in this in-depth Samsung Galaxy A9 review!

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  1. I love how samsung had ois on every a9 phones except for the a9 2018 which is meant to be a great budget phone but got overpriced with specs that are not that great

  2. am sorry to tell u thats not the samsung galaxy a9 , the a9 has 4 camera and has no home button like broh before doing the video try to do some research on the phone or item u are going to talk about trust me it will save u the embarrassment

  3. Is this an April fool's joke their is a phone call Samsung a9 with four cameras. This so weird and confusing.😶

  4. That is not the A9… at least tell people that in the title. The A9 has no home button and has four cameras. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. A similar C9 Pro is much better VALUE :
    6GB ram vs 3GB
    64GB storage vs 32GB
    Slightly better battery life and slightly faster charging
    Snapdragon 653 vs 652
    USB C vs microUSB
    Metal back vs glass(less vulnerable to drops)
    Better cameras
    Only slightly more cost: $510 vs $485
    Grace UX on 6.0.1 and upgradeable to 7.1.1 and planned to 8.0 or 8.1 vs 5.1 1 to start and upgradeable to Touchwiz 6.0.1
    Dual tone flash vs single tone.
    Slimmer (6.9mm vs 7.4)
    Lighter: 188 grams vs 200
    No downgrade in battery size: 4000 = 4000


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