PS Vita Install & Play VPK Game Backups On 3.65/3.68 (VitaShell)


Hi guys, Tech James here,

For this video, I’ll show you guys how to install and play PS Vita VPK game backups! You must have VitaShell and H-encore installed to do this. This works on 3.65/3.67/3.68.

This video is for educational purposes only.

➤ (H-encore Tutorial):


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  1. When I hit install, an error pops-up: OxFFFFFFFFE and the game doesn't install. Should I download another file?

  2. Hello, I watch this but I don't understand how to get a game directly into a VPK form. Every game are zip files. Could you help me please ?

  3. You said that the installation took just 20minutes for 2 gb . Why it took 5 hours when i installed a vpk it size 600 mb

  4. Do you think I can download h-encore and vita shell on 3.73 though ? Or should I try a downgrade ? (I will need to download many apps though, for this… Sucks..)

  5. Thanks alot for these videos. I just got my Vita all set up for homebrew and these have been extremely helpful.

  6. 4:00 ah fugg no,same shit like the 3ds. psp was so chilld just put 20 games on the card and done. now you have to wait for throw it on card. install and wait each game over and over again. maybe it doesent work,you have to test it also. jesus^^

  7. Where can I get games? I tried on NoPayStation v3 and copied a game file into my ps vita, however, it didn't work when I tried on installing the game. It only shows the file properties (the text inside of it).

  8. I cant get the vpk to show up when i get back to my vita and look in shell. Not in ux0 or uxR.
    Running 3.65 on 1001 model, with vita shell and autoplugin configured to allow my SD2VITA micro to detect. So far followed tutorials and all good.
    The only problem is after transferring over a VPK is it doesnt show up – but if i go back to my PC view from shell – its there. Am i missing a step?

  9. So once you hack the vita, can you download vita games themselves? Or just old games like ps1 and psp?


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