(OUTDATED) Update Your lenovo y50 Nvidia Drivers!!


Update Your lenovo y50 Nvidia Drivers to v. 337.88!!

Written Instructions:

I show you how to update the nvidia graphics drivers on the lenovo y50!!

Follow along! watch a few times. when you do this watch this on another computer/tablet/smartphone

It was pointed out to me that because I did the “express” installation I need to go back into the Nvidia Control Panel and change the PhysX setting to the gtx860m and not the cpu. I was getting hot temps C(92-95 C) bf4 last night before this correction.

Backup your system!

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  1. Pls help gus!!! The mega download doesn't work. I can't change my nvlti.inf file. How can i get this file? any sollution? someone could share his nvlti file via dropbox or something like dat?

  2. I had tried the nvidia driver once and while it worked , the fans were running louder and more often than usual and the battery life was noticeably reduced. When I returned to the original driver everything worked great again. Can anyone comment on this from your own experiences? I'm a little hesitant to try it again.

  3. If I buy this laptop in like a month, Do I have to update these driver things as soon as i boot it up or you don't need to do it anymore? I would appreciate a response, thanks.

  4. I still got the problem where it keeps reverting back to the other default drive as soon as I open a game instead of the new Nvidia one. Anyone got a fix for this?

  5. Can you please post  how to install Nvidia Drivers Geforce GTX 860 m step by step for Windows 7 64Bit? I have treid several time n luck 🙁

  6. It should be noted that while you can now use the latest nVidia drivers downloaded directly from their site, you still need to install the Intel HD 4600 video drivers first. (boooo)  At least this was the case for my fresh Windows 7 install.

  7. i called lenovo assistance that the new nvidia driver isnt compaitble with y50 __- lenovo service so ass

  8. Guys, if i just got this laptop where do i get drivers from the disk i got with the laptop cause there is no ODD. What should i do ??. please help me.Thanks

  9. Just a note to everyone, they have now updated the drivers and is fully compatible with the y50 without any hassle. 

  10. Guys, you can download the 340.52 version without doing this. Simply download the drivers from nvidia website and install.

  11. I can't say that I see an improvement with the new ones but it's nice to know that we can update them without jumping through hoops.

  12. One last thing guys. If u do the express install remember to go back in and change physX back to gpu in your settings so it doesn't over heat your cpu.

  13. Update on installing nvidia drivers. It seems that after we did the inf fix the first time it allows you to update the drivers but not through geforce experience. So go to the nvidia site and download the updated driver to your laptop. Run the exe and accept. There you go. That easy now. Again, it doesn't seem to want to work if u go through geforce experience so just dl the new driver and run it. When u r done u can go in and verify it updated. Good luck guys 😊

  14. i m looking to buy a gaming laptop..confused between msi gs 60 or lenovo y50. which one is best for gaming ???LIKE UPCOMING GAMES GTA 5..

    WHQL 340.52 are now out. I will see if I can install them without having to do any workarounds. I'll be updating from 337.88 to 340.52.

  16. ok so here we go. there is a new nvidia driver out and it doesnt want to update. are we going to have to do this everytime a new driver comes out?

  17. so i tried updating and i got an error saying it couldnt install….Got pass the configuration part then it uninstaled my old driver…what you recommend please?


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