Nice After-Work Ride & AC WiFi Upgrade! (10.8.13 – Day 1195)


After work I drive on some backroads on route back to HQ.
In the evening I show you the recent upgrade my (wireless) network has gotten, with the new D-Link DIR868 802.11AC Wireless Cloud Router and the Netgear a6200 Wireless USB client. Great bandwidth assured! 😀

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DailyVLOG Carnager 2013-10-08 Day1195 VLOG Daily Video Log Blog ビデオブログ 2013年10月8日 amsterdam videolog videoblog netherlands holland Nederland アムステルダム オランダ travel shaytards ctfxc “video blog” “Video Blogging” AmsterdamVideo NLvid NLvideo steampump gemaal lijnden work ride backroads lutkemeer polder D-Link DIR868 802.11AC Wireless Cloud Router Netgear a6200 dongle Wi-Fi WiFi


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