Nha Trang Vietnam Travel Tour 4K

Nha Trang Vietnam Travel Tour 4K

This is a virtual travel tour of Nha Trang Vietnam. We walk around Nha Trang beach, then head over to the night market for some street food in Nha Trang city center. After that we go to the Ponagar Temple and head over for some island hopping at a fishing village. Many cruise ships arrive in Nha Trang and is considered one of the top beach destinations in all of Vietnam.

This video was filmed using a GoPro Karma Grip and Go Pro 7. Some of the videos are filmed using a DJI Mavic 2 drone and an iPhone XS.

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Nguồn: https://bannhabandat.vn

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://bannhabandat.vn/bat-dong-san/

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  1. All Russians

  2. I was there in 1968. Never made it to the beach though… beautiful

  3. 1 million dong is almost $50!

  4. So much for being “communist.” I see quite a bit of capitalism there 😂

  5. Any lady nightlife action, this is what we want – nice beaches and scenic views get boring after a day or two 😜😜😜

  6. You've made a real perfect video , it looks so beautiful through the lens . Thank you !.

  7. I like

  8. Although very 'Micky Mouse' your production, I enjoyed the sceens of the people doing their thing like cooking and selling you the coco.

  9. Nha Trang is pronounced Nah Chang

  10. I am from Nha Trang

  11. look better than any beach town in Thailand more organize.

  12. (11:02) yeah that is a nice hotel ,…how much does she ,…I mean " the motel " charge for an hour ?

  13. (3:26) I'll trade you this one coconut for those two on your chest

  14. Anyone else start counting that dudes fingers after he started chopping up that coconut ?

  15. One day I'll live here 🙂

  16. Thank you from Viet Nam

  17. The food is always good when the cook is fat like the lobster lady.

  18. i love Nha trang

  19. I Love Nha Trang!!!

  20. Looks like another tourist trap

  21. I was stationed there in 1968-69. Only went downtown once. A little dangerous back then.

  22. 1:29 how did you calculate 1 million VND to be only $25? Thats almost $50 USD or $65 AUD mate

  23. NhaTrang Vietnam 🇻🇳 so beautiful

  24. Tôi đang ở Nha Trang nè

  25. Coconut very expensive

  26. so beautiful nha trang

  27. Nha Trang looks beautiful <3 thx for the video mate. Wish you the best in 2020.

  28. I miss Viet Nam very much. I lived and worked there….and married there. I'll be back…. most definitely, and hopefully to stay.

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