Microsoft DOS Robocopy Command


Microsoft DOS robocopy command.

About ROBOCOPY Command:-
A robust file copy command for the Windows command line that allows you to copy files, directories, and even drives from one location to another and also from Netwrok Computers.

The “robocopy” command is an external command that is available in the Microsoft operating systems as robocopy.exe.

*It is available in:-
Windows NT (In resource kit).
Windows 2000 (In resource kit).
Windows Server 2008.
Windows Vista.
Windows 7.
Windows 8.
Windows 10.

Robocopy syntax:-
ROBOCOPY source destination [file [file]…] [options]

1. In this example, any *.txt file would be copied from the Robocopy1 directory into the Robocopy2 directory. Whenever you want to copy one or more files and not a complete directory the file must be specified after the destination directory.

2. In the above example, the robocopy command would copy all files (not directories) in the robocopy1 directory to the robocopy2 directory.

3. In the above example, all files and folders (including empty ones) will be copied from the Robocopy1 directory to the Robocopy2 directory.

4. This example will mirror what is in g:robocopy1 into h:robocopy2 and purge any files in the robocopy2 directory that do not exist in the robocopy1 directory. Use the /mir switch cautiously since it will be deleting files that do not match in the destination directory.

5. Next, this example would copy any of the files in the Robocopy directory on the network computer named computer to the current computer robocopy1 directory.

*i dont have any network computer so can’t perform this command. but you can perform above command if you have computer connected to your network.


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