Lenovo Yoga C930 Review | Hands On | Soundbar with Dolby Atmos!


The Lenovo Yoga C930 is a great laptop, but all it has is the great soundbar with Dolby Atmos going for it. Everything else on the Lenovo Yoga C930 is standard.

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  1. @BTNHD
    Hi, Can it's speakers be compared with some of the best sounding small Bluetooth speakers like "JBL"/"Anker"/"Logitech" in terms of bass, richness & overall volume?
    Your reply will mean a lot. I was wondering if carrying a extra pair of B.T speakers is still worth it or not….

  2. I just purchased this laptop and having trouble attaching an external monitor. I bought a USB-C multiport hub, including plugin for VGA and HDMI ports, as you can plugin the monitor either way, but it does not work for this. Is there a specific USB-C hub/adapter you would recommend when connecting an external monitor for this computer? Has it worked for you, and if so, what adapter do you use???

  3. Okay, but what do we actually do with the sim card?
    Do we make calls?
    we export data?
    Is that an asset or is it useless?
    The videos on the same product presents the same things but nothing about the new features existing I would say revolutionary because from a PC I do not know if you know if you can launch calls!!!!!!

  4. Can the Lenovo yoga C930 overcome the heat test this time?. The yoga 920 gave me hell of my life and I changed the motherboard 3 times. All occurring at the same time when the temperatures here are hot. Lenovo should put some holes at the back cover like HP always does to allow for the laptop breathing space.

  5. I think he got a bad product, that's why he has a lot of complaints , return it boy , this is an amazing computer. This computer has the potential to be the 2019 best computer of the year

  6. Nice to see a well thought out battery test. It gives a regular user something practical to understand how long it will last in a real life situation. Nice work.

  7. not really a good sound bro, disappointed with the sound, no baseline, listen using headset or listen to music and you will understand.

  8. How many ultrabooks have a rechargeable stylus fully housed in the body? Two…this and the X1 Yoga. Add in the quality and awesome sound and it's a winner.

  9. Btw, you can scroll down to see more models without customizing, including UHD dispaly variants. Thanks for nitpicking at issues you were having, but I'm not convinced that this is anything but a stunning ultrabook.

  10. A few things about this video that I didn't agree with but the number 1 thing would have to be him testing the sound bar! Dude tests it for us by playing a video of his own voice… Seriously bro that was helpful 😂👌💯

  11. I'm not sure why the comments on this post are annoyed by your honesty in this review. You weren't biased nor overly negative – you even were clear on your views vs what may or may not be meaningful to other. The items you mentioned are what most potential buyers will want to know. And you're right on point with the pen positioning. These are UX items that are often overlooked but would more than a little annoying for a heavy tablet user. Thank you.

  12. Umm… You do know it's an ultrabook right? Lol you're trying to convert and render files?🤦‍♂️It makes sense why you're getting 7 hrs. What I wanted to know was how well it did productivity wisw as in word and excel…which there was no mention.. and really!?! The pen is at the bottom?? TURN THE LAPTOP AROUND!

  13. the only review of the c930 on youtube bitching about every little points….wtf….i actually own this laptop and everything you complained about was a non issue for me….looks like a badly used test machine from lenovo to me…no heat problem, quiet, great speed, etc…

  14. I can´t believe your review!!! what is good to you? Yoga c930 is the best out there right now. The review should have been: if you don´t have enough money, don´t bye it, max specs is the best.


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