Lenovo Yoga C740 14" Review

Lenovo Yoga C740 14" Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Lenovo Yoga C740, the company’s mid-range convertible 14” Ultrabook with a premium metal chassis, touchscreen, pen support and Intel 10th gen Ice Lake quad core CPUs. The specs and build are quite nice, particularly given the $699 starting price. There’s also a 15.6” version with similar specs. The laptop has a full HD IPS display, Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, up to 16GB DDR4 RAM and a fast M.2 NVMe SSD. The C740 has a backlit keyboard, fingerprint scanner, MS Precision trackpad and it’s available in Iron Gray and Mica colors. We also compare it to the higher end Lenovo Yoga C940 in this video. Our Yoga C940 review is here:

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  1. I have this computer. My only complaint is the sharp edges. I want to put rubber edges on it but I don't know if theres something like that out there for computers

  2. Interesting, I just purchased one of these (S line not C) but the specs differ a bit. For example here in Switzerland the model comes with a Thunderbolt 3 port, WiFi 6, Dedicated graphics card. This makes me wonder, when you buy a laptop that has the 10th Gen processors with Iris Plus graphics (because it comes with the processor right?) and the device comes with dedicated graphics too, are both used by the system? Thanks again for a lovely review 😉

    Here the link of the one I purchased: https://www.digitec.ch/en/s1/product/lenovo-yoga-s740-14iil-14-full-hd-intel-core-i7-1065g7-16gb-1000gb-ssd-notebook-12322127

  3. Some may appreciate all the ports being on one side as with the Yoga💧>JustU.Faith/Lenovo-Yoga?т or having ports on either side as with the XPS. The dedicated volume rockers on the SP7 comes in handy. The lighter weight of the SP7 made it the first to be grabbed on the go for content consumption or note taking, but I prefer the Yoga for content creation with it's larger screen and comfy keyboard. If you're docking all day and only occasionally need to be on the go then I recommend the XPS for its 32GB RAM.

  4. Good info. Thanks

  5. I have to between c640(13inch) and c 740(14inch?. 300$ difference for almost same specs. C640 with 512gb n c740 1tb. Which one to choose?

  6. Could you please review the Asus Expertbook b9450? 🙏🏾 I only trust you with my mobile tech Was 😭

  7. It’s not a touch screen

  8. nice

  9. Nice one

  10. How does is compare to envy x360 13" with reyzen 5 3500u and 8gb ram?

  11. From where to buy for 699 usd??

  12. c640 seems to have diagonal jitter issue while drawing.

  13. which is better c640 with i7 or c740 with i7

  14. gave a like bc of your shirt.

  15. Any information about lag on typing? After an hour of use

  16. I love your fantastic reviews.😍
    I have a question: can I use it regularly for 1080p video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro cc? Can it handle it well?
    Thank you 🙏🤗

  17. I wish she was my another grandma

  18. Ugly reviewer

  19. tough decision for me here, anyone help?
    c740: larger 14" screen (1 inch, big difference?), 51Wh battery, usb-c charger
    c640: smaller 13" screen but 60Wh battery, barrel charger
    so bigger screen + usb-c charger or go for the best battery life?

  20. Thank you! Very helpful review. Nice shirt 🤩

  21. Bluetooth?

  22. Nice!

  23. tell me pls… it has a sensor display like smartphone?

  24. which pen do you use?:)

  25. I hope someone can give a laptop even if it's not that high spec. Thank you in advance😇😇😇 enjoy watching guys

  26. C740 14(i7) makes noise during standard operation (not playing games)?

  27. like so many i need to upgrade my computer to work from home. currently i have a macbook pro 2010 15". almost anything is an upgrade 🙂
    i really like the new macbook air 2020 which you reviewed but i'm worried it is too small since ive been working on a 15in for over a decade. i'm considering this as the 15in model because of the "tablet" ability. how would you rate the tablet functionality. ive never tested one of these 2-in-1's. is it odd with the keyboard on the back?

  28. Can you turn the display fully to the other side to get kind of an tablet, or is it just turnable to a specific degree?

  29. please review the yoga s740 15inch model

  30. Great review! Very informative and like the personal comments, such as what is the target group and whether the good sides or downsides really matter for that target group 🙂
    Keep up the good job!
    Btw, convinced after your video and just ordered one myself haha

  31. Before seeing Lenovo C740 in person, I was interested to buy this laptop because of its specs and in particular its price. However, when I visited the Lenovo shop and saw this laptop, I got utterly disappointed with its design, look, screen, and build quality. I didn't like it at all and thankfully, I hadn't ordered it before seeing it in person. Though, no offense intended to someone who likes this laptop or planning to buy one. The device is still a bargain and it just depends on one's likes and dislikes.

  32. Can it be charged via TypeC?

  33. The top of the line Lenovo Yoga 730 ( I7, NVIDIA, 4k touch, 2-in-1, 1tb ssd) needs to be brought back. The latest Yoga's aren't as good.

  34. Hey can you make a review if lenovo yoga s740 14 inch

  35. Looks like the yoga slim 7 has the same panel as this one. Was worried about the low brightness but contrast ratio looks fab

  36. Does it has CD DVD writer

  37. When to check it out in store and I kinda feel in love with the typing and travel, it feels so natural. 😩 UGH. Accidentally fell in love with it.

  38. You probably where not aware but if you buy this laptop from the Lenovo education store it does actually come with the pen.

  39. Does anyone know if you can play any games on this laptop ? Cod for example?

  40. I like your kakashi shirt 🔥🔥

  41. Would this laptop be good for light gaming?

  42. If you got the Yoga C740, PLEASE DO NOT UPDATE THE BIOS !! It will make you device run hot constantly with the fans spinning all the time and battery life will be reduced by about half!

  43. you are the best!!!!!!!!!

  44. Kakashi of the Sharingan 😎

  45. Hey Lisa can you do a comparison review of the yoga c730 and c740? Which one would be more worth it

  46. Can it be charged via USB C port?

  47. When will the manufacturers realize how useless a silver keyboard is to non-touchtypists? Black is infinitely preferable. Turning the backlight on makes the letters on the keys less visible!

  48. i have a s740-14IIL 14 with mx250 nvidia/irish plus. which storage do u recommend? i want to upgrade from 512 to the highest

  49. Can I add more ram?

  50. I really wanna get this but windows just makes it hard once you’ve seen how swift apple is. 😭

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