Lenovo Yoga 710 Review (Late 2016, Kaby Lake)


Lisa Gade reviews the Lenovo Yoga 710 Windows 10 convertible Ultrabook. This is the late 2016 model with Intel Kaby Lake 7th generation dual core 15 watt CPUs. We look at the 15.6” model with NVIDIA 940MX 2GB GDDR3 graphics. It’s also available in 11” and 14” sizes with Intel HD 620 graphics. The Yoga 710 sports a classy metal chassis and is relatively thin and light for a 15” convertible with 360 degree hinges (4.19 lbs / 1.9 kg). It’s 18mm thin and works in traditional laptop mode as well as tablet, tent and presentation modes.

The laptop has a full HD IPS touch screen, 8 gigs of RAM and a 256 gig SSD. It’s priced at $950, and the 14” is $850 and the 11” is $450. A backlit keyboard, fingerprint scanner and Intel 8260AC WiFi are standard.

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  1. I had this laptop. There is a chronic issue with the display cable, It is broken easily and screen starts to flicker. You can find the details on YouTube. So many people experiencing same issue. My display got broken 3 years later ( You may think not bad) Moreover, mouse pad got broken in 2 year. It doesn't answer clicking and the worst one is speakers got broken in only three months. So overall this laptop look good, however I really don't recommend it.

  2. I have used this laptop intensively for almost 3 years now . I remapped the shift key .Other than a meh battery life this laptop has been fast and great sounding the dedicated graphics are not much but i would re buy in a heartbeat .Solid machine used for production every day. Just be careful with the screen that is high quality an very comfortable on the eyes.

  3. I don't recommend it, I always heard a click on the right hinge, 4 months later, the hinge broke the screen, and obviously, Lenovo warranty doesn't cover the damage. I don't recommend it!, $700 to the trash!! haha

  4. i got a question i have a flickering problem with my screen is there anything that you think is wrong or broken in my computer or any wires disconnected.

  5. which is a better choice? I can only afford the 14" i7-7500u w10 version with 4gb and 1tb hdd version sold on lazada. can it be upgraded? eg: changing the ram to 8gb/16gb and the rom to ssd

  6. They also make this size with Intel iGPU (i5-7200U) The 710-15IKB. Freaking great for battery life. Funnily enough it's the same motherboard as the Nvidia model (even has the solder beads where Nvidia would be) https://i.imgur.com/BzIoUVd.jpg

  7. I'm an Aviation Management student and I'm looking to run either FSX:SE or Prepar3D at relatively low settings with PDMG and Eaglesoft add-on planes (PDMG does excellent Boeing jets, and Eaglesoft does excellent Cessna executive jets) just to run flows, checklists, cold-and-dark starts, IFR procedures, etc on the go. Looking to also run FliteRadar24, maybe a VATSIM ATC client, as well as your standard Office 365, and whatever other software students run.

  8. I am watching this on a Lenovo Yoga 710 but it's slow and laggy. I got it at a best buy where they were doing tax-free on laptops and this was open box. It is in pristine condition but I don't know why it's slow.

  9. where did you see it for $450? wanting to buy one but their on amazon for $520 wanting to spend the least amount I have too

  10. No offence AT ALL but you have half a million subs, you should have better film equipment. This video looks like it was someones 1st video.

  11. How is the battery life of this laptop? I am planning on buying this for college and will use this for mainly programming and a bit of lightweight gaming.

  12. vs. the HP Spectre x360 i7 15", which is better? They seem pretty much the same for me.

    P.S. I realized that the Spectre has a deal for only $1,100 on Amazon, so..

  13. is there a difference between nvidia and the intel graphics adapter? is it worth to pay 200€ more for the nvidia version? i want to use the notebook for school and office things.

  14. I think I'm going to pick one of these up to replace my Surface Pro 3 – The 4th Gen i7 in the Surface Pro 3 isn't really great and it's feeling the strain after a few years. The Surface Laptop has very similar specs to this (just looks nicer) and this should be quite a bit more powerful than my Surface Pro 3 I have now – Probably the cheapest 2-in-1 offering decent specs.

    I also looked at the XPS13 with 7th i7 too


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