Lenovo G50-70 Unboxing + Overview


This is a very good budget laptop.
This review is posted after my 45 days of usage.

-Best Specs at this price.
-Can play most games at medium graphics.
-I use AutoCAD 2016 regularly with no lag.
-Keyboard keys are big so you can type very easily.

1-Average battery life :
you can get 3.5+ hours on web browsing
around 3+ hours on office applications
and 2+ hours on heavy gameplay
-these tests are done on 50% brightness and balanced mode.
-minimum brightness and power saving mode will give more battery life.
2-VGA camera is just okay.
3-Speakers are decent.

My personal rating after 45 days of usage
Build Quality -8/10
Display – 8.5/10
Camera – 6/10
Battery – 7/10
Specs on paper – 9/10
Speaker- 7.5/10

Verdict – there are some other available from DELL and HP. but non of them have 1TB HDD.
My friend has DELL inspiron 15 3542 and it’s touchpad makes noise when you moves finger on it. it is just annoying. and keyboard keys are slight smaller than lenovo. so i bought lenovo. and i think if you are not heavy gamer just buy this lenovo G50-70.

My model number is G50-70 59-442243

there are other G50-70 models which will come with dedicated graphics and more ram. but physical build will be same.

—–Post comment if you have any question regarding this Lenovo G50-70 laptop and Dell inspiron 3542——–
I have used both of the laptops.

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