Lenovo G50-70 Laptop Review


In – depth review of the Lenovo G50 laptop. To sum it up, this is a really great laptop but it’s major down fall is its build quality. You can run an impressive amounts and different types of games on this laptop with no hick ups at all.

In regards to specs this blows away A LOT of ultra books and high end laptops for the prices. As mentioned in the video this laptop runs Intel i7 with 2.0GHz and 2.6GHz at boost. It also has 8GB Ram (I think it is expandable) with 1TB hard drive. This laptop on sale only cost me about $650.

Bottom line, great laptop, very capable, but build quality begs the consumer to ask for more.

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  1. I bought this laptop in 2014 and still using it without any issues. I changed the 1TB HDD to 1TB SSD which results in the spontaneous boot (within 5 secs). I am using win 10. Recently the display screen got weird horizontal lines and later found that it's due to ink leakage.

    I am using the i5 version with 8Gb RAM and AMD Graphics card.

  2. I game on my one of these and it uses an i3 cpu and 10gb ddr3, it plays older title games like blackops2 at around 60fps which is more than enough for more it will play more modern games such as fortnite but that tends to sit around 45fps on low settings, as for multimedia this thing is a breeze

  3. lenovo now good performance beside all laptop now number one performance lenovo ..

    i buy before 2 year this model G50-70 … at present i not visit any service center … its big support machine not high hot i give a good review

  4. I bought this computer a while ago (about 5 months) to play games with my brother. To be completely honest, I hate it. Minecraft and roblox run on an average of 120-140 FPS, but thats about the only good thing about it. Whenever it opens, it opens at least 6 pop ups from programs I never installed, and even when I completely uninstall them the pop ups come up still. The bad part of that is that the pop ups crash instantly, so they stick to the screen and im never able to close them. another problem with this computer is that it takes near 10 minuites to open google chrome! Normally theres a 50/50 chance of it crashing, and when it doesnt its always very slow. The sad part is, I originally bought this computer for fallout 4, which I bought a few days after its release for about $60. As you can imagine, Most of the time it just crashes and gives me a black screen. One time I was able to play for about 5 minuites, and after that my computer crashed and couldnt turn on for about a week. I honestly don't know if this computer is that horrible or if my luck is just completely disintegrated. I am very dissapointed with this laptop as I spent around $600 on it.

  5. wait friend this laptop just for gaming It can even run Games like gta v and just cause 3 in Okay Performance

  6. hello Buddy this laptop can heat above 50 degress when watching youtube videos please check your temprature from the application called :- Core Temp kindly please check the temperature when you watch youtube videos and plzz inform mw beacuse i need to buy a such laptop

  7. Just a question. I noticed that my keyboard is a little bit shaking in the left part. Is that normal according to you? Do you have the same problem? And what about your audio? Does it work properly? Thanks

  8. Lenovo Essential G50-70 (59-413724) Laptop is good laptop having a good features and configuration. It comes under budget for a normal medium-class buyer. I am using this laptop since last few months and I am fully satisfied with it. It fit good for everyone, whether a student or a professional user. For more information user can go to the following link:


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