Lenovo Flex 6 14" Unboxing Teardown


Unboxing new Lenovo Flex 6 14″

CPU: i5-8250U 1.60GHz
Chipset: Kaby Lake R
Memory: Samsung DDR4-8GB-2666
Hard Drive: Samsung PM961 NVMe 256GB SSD
Graphics: Intel® UHD Graphics 620
OS: Windows 10 Home

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  1. AMD ryzen 2 2500U version. Two DDR4 slots, 2280 SSD forced on a 2242 slot. Atheros nic. Upgraded from 2×4 2666 to 2×8

    and if you notice, no discrete GPU fan option or chip to be soldered, probably why it has only one fan slot, also probably how they fit the second ram slot


  2. full sized (2280) SSD! I have the flex 6-14 AMD Ryzen 2 version and it's 2242, but the 2280 silkscreen square is still there, with a 2280 cover. I just used a square of 3M VHB on there with a 500gb samsung 970 evo to keep it down and in place. Also mine had two ddr4 slots, so I put 2x8gb in. Replaced the wireless nic with a better atheros one, but it has some issues waking. might change it with an intel 7265

  3. Sure would be nice if someone was actually narrating this video so you don't have to guess what they're thinking.

  4. is there only 1 slot available for HD? do i need to install the fresh copy of windows after installing a new HD?

  5. What are the risks in taking off the back plate? Is it fragile? Is it hard to pry it off? I am thinking of upgrading my RAM, but am wondering if the reward is worth the risk

  6. What are the risks in taking off the back plate? Is it fragile? Is it hard to pry it off? I am thinking of upgrading my RAM, but am wondering if the reward is worth the risk

  7. hi, when i opened the back cover. i see a metal shield covered on the HD. Do you have any idea, how to remove it? thank in advance

  8. Hey, nice video! I did have a question about the fan. Is there just the one, or is there two? When you have the whole back exposed, I see one fan for sure, then another black circle-ish item. What is that other circular piece?

  9. Nice, so technically one could just open up a flex and install a 16gb so-dimm RAM stick. Good to know, thanks!

  10. The touch screen of my Flex 6 14" is not working, and the right side of the screen flickers… (https://youtu.be/51YGBGjqe3s). So what would be the most likely cause, in your opinion? Something simple like a loose cable, or is that more likely something more serious (abd expensive) like the Motherboard, Screen, Digitizer etc…?

  11. When you removed the keyboard in the beginning i didn't see you detach any cables from mb to keyboard. You just lifted straight up? Is there even a ribbon attached from mb to keyboard? Looking to upgrade my hd but dont want to rip out a cable during the tear down.

  12. I have the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 6-14ARR but the SSD is the small one I have the 970 evo 2TB and I tried the compatibility test and it should work but it won't. I don't know what to do.

  13. Re Ram Upgrade. Yes according to crucial (memory upgrades). Offer a 16GB card $106 think. Too bad its not dual channel mem path. Cheaper and said to be a plus.

  14. do not buy.. within less then a month of purchasing had hardware failure.. and sent to lenovo for warranty and its been over a month and still have no computer..

  15. The Lenovo website specifies supported RAM up to 8 GB and storage up to 256 GB PCIe SSD. Is it possible to switch the 8 GB RAM stick for a 16 GB?


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