Lenovo Flex 4 Full Teardown for 14" 1470 – By 365

Lenovo Flex 4 Full Teardown for 14" 1470 – By 365

How to teardown/disassemble Lenovo Ideapad Flex 4 1470 14 Inch by 365 Laptop:

This video cover entire removal process of Lenovo Ideapad touch screen laptop.

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  1. Where can I get that screwdriver?

  2. you should add time codes to your video edscription
    where is the wifi removal?

  3. Thank you I got to replace the bored with the audio jack and looks super easy.

  4. I can't even open that back cover, something stuck in my back cover at the middle and i dont know how to open.

  5. I need to replace the keyboard for Lenovo Flex 4 1470. I ordered it on Amazon. But, I struggling to replace even after opening the back cover. Would you please show how to replace the keyboard?

  6. is there no sound, or is it just me?

  7. Great video!. Ordered the parts (bad keyboard/lower section) and literally did mine step-by-step, just like this.
    Two comments:
    1.) Helpful Hint: Take a piece of paper and put your screws in separate circles that you draw. Label the circles (fan, hard drive, hinges, etc) and number each in order. I also used doubled-over tape to hold the screws to the paper.
    2.) Someone commented about just replacing the keyboard (a $30 repair). I have done a similar repair on another laptop, and it didn't go well. This laptop repair would have been much worse based on the design. Read the article I link to below. The guy who wrote the article is right. Yes, I know the 'lower section' part is $130, but I swear to you that this article is accurate and it's totally worth the $100 difference in price.

  8. You did not show the keyboard replacement. Did you have to remove all the components to get to the keyboard/restpad, or could that have been done after the initial step of separating the bottom shell?

  9. Is it possible to upgrade the fan in this model?

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