Lenovo Flex 4 Full Teardown for 14" 1470 – By 365


How to teardown/disassemble Lenovo Ideapad Flex 4 1470 14 Inch by 365 Laptop:

This video cover entire removal process of Lenovo Ideapad touch screen laptop.

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  1. I need to replace the keyboard for Lenovo Flex 4 1470. I ordered it on Amazon. But, I struggling to replace even after opening the back cover. Would you please show how to replace the keyboard?

  2. Great video!. Ordered the parts (bad keyboard/lower section) and literally did mine step-by-step, just like this.
    Two comments:
    1.) Helpful Hint: Take a piece of paper and put your screws in separate circles that you draw. Label the circles (fan, hard drive, hinges, etc) and number each in order. I also used doubled-over tape to hold the screws to the paper.
    2.) Someone commented about just replacing the keyboard (a $30 repair). I have done a similar repair on another laptop, and it didn't go well. This laptop repair would have been much worse based on the design. Read the article I link to below. The guy who wrote the article is right. Yes, I know the 'lower section' part is $130, but I swear to you that this article is accurate and it's totally worth the $100 difference in price.

  3. You did not show the keyboard replacement. Did you have to remove all the components to get to the keyboard/restpad, or could that have been done after the initial step of separating the bottom shell?


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