Lenovo A850 – Installing a custom ROM with Flashtool


This video is a complete walkthrough to installing an English custom ROM on the Lenovo A850 over USB.

Full tutorial:

WARNING: by rooting your phone or installing custom ROMs, you may be voiding your warranty. We take no responsibility if your phone is damaged or bricked by following these instructions. Always backup your phone before altering its software in any way.

Initially, you need to make sure you have installed the Lenovo USB drivers. Download the drivers and the Flashtool as well as the ROM file itself.

To install the drivers. Turn off the phone (don’t use the quick boot option) and take out the battery. Open up Device Manager and plug the phone in via USB — be ready to quickly right click on the device that appear and choose “Update driver”. Using the wizard, select the drivers you downloaded previously. If you are having issues, installing the drivers, use USBDview to ensure that you have deleted any existing MediaTek USB drivers that might be on your computer.

Next, unzip the ROM file and make sure you can open Flashtool on your computer. You are now ready to start following the instructions in the tutorial video.

All the download links for the files you need are below:

→ Flashtool + Lenovo USB drivers –
→ A850 ROM –
→ USBDview –

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