Install Mojave 10.14.2 and Win 10 on Lenovo G50-80 or similar laptops (Hackintosh)


Make sure to update your Lenovo G50-80 Bios to the latest version which is B0CNA0WW

This is what you have to type in Shell:

bcfg boot dump
cd efi
bcfg boot add 04 CLOVERX64.efi “Clover”

This is what you have to type in Terminal to mount the EFI Partition of your hard drive to add files:

diskutil list

sudo mkdir /Volumes/EFI; sudo mount_msdos /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/EFI


Download AppleHDA Patcher from here :

Download Clover Bootloader from here:

Download Kext Utility from here:

Download Mojave Installer from here:
Decryption Key: (Qh9IeZZhn9xxmeJSVgPnBQT1iFANyDVKyZqz8t7-_N4)
if the link doesnt work copy and paste it in an incognito tab in your broswer, then use the decryption key, and it should work

Download files for the Lenovo G50-80 laptop:

link to download mojave will be moved to the guide once i finish it

Visit if you have any questions, post your questions and tag your post to @justanomadx


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  1. Can you suggest how to install the Catalina into HP 15-bs0xx laptop Ci3, Intel HD 520, 258 SSD, 8 GB ram; I have installed the hackintosh but it ended up with only 4mb video memory

  2. Sir, my laptop restarts after the progress bar reaches halfway accross. I did everything according to the video. I am referring to the step at 4:45. Ultimately I am not able to boot up the installer. Would you please help me?
    Lenovo G50-80
    Intel i5
    4 GB RAM

  3. Hi i have g50 80 (80E5) what are the right clover options to select for installation? If I use those of your video it doesn't start! Thanks

  4. I got the merry Christmas clover and once installer loads half way through it crashes and system restarts.What to do.

  5. Thanks for this great explanation but I have Lenovo Ideapad L340 but nothing worked with this Model,

    I hope if you can help me to install macOS on my laptop

  6. I want to install this to my dell vostro 5568. But as you said, wifi & bluetooth card will not work, so how can I fix that?

  7. Hello osX86devs,
    I have a Lenovo ideapad 330 i7 22GB 1TSSD EVO.
    When i boot on my mojave USB, everything works fine, but the pc reboots non-stop instead of starting Apple installer screen.
    can anyone help me please ?

  8. So, after multiple attempts, I've learnt one thing: don't use USB 3.0 for the macOS installer. Since PCs can't boot a macOS installer natively, Clover needs to be used, as a "guide" for the BIOS. Unfrotunately, Clover doesn't support USB 3.0 (from I know from other forums). So don't try that.


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