How to Use a Kindle to Learn Japanese


4:40 – DRM removal
11:34 – Converting Aozora Bunko to .mobi
16:50 – DJT Library
18:18 – Monolingual dictionary pack for kindle
21:41 – Sentence mining

Kindle Desktop App:
DRM Removal Plugin:
Aozora Bunko 5000 Book Pack:
AJATT Tips: Reading with Aozora Bunko :
Kindle Previewer:
DJT Library:
Dictionary Files:

MIA Site:

Patreon (main platform):


Paul Desmond & Jim Hall – O Gato 1964


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  1. So it turns out that you need an older version of the Kindle desktop app in order to obtain the book files! You can download the correct version here:

    UPDATE – February 2020
    A recent Calibre update fixed the bug that previously broke the formatting of vertical text when converting Chinese or Japanese ebooks!

  2. Dear Matt thank you very much for this wonderful tutorial. I finally got my first Japanese book on Kindle now. However I was having some trouble with .muboi file that is when I drag and drop the file in Kindle folder it was still not showing up in my Kindle, so I emailed it to my kindle email account and got it on the kindle. Thank you for your effort and for sharing this tutorial.Best Wishes xoxo:)

  3. I'm having trouble opening up AozoaEpub3. I just installed the newest version of Java- what else am I supposed to do? Currently it just opens up a bunch of random text in notepad (I have the Japanese language pack installed for Windows 10, so I'm not sure why it is doing this – the same thing occurs when I try to open some of the Aozora text files in the 5000 eBook download).

  4. I just bought a Kindle Oasis but there's no Japanese monolingual dictionary included. :// I have the language set to British English.

  5. I can't get this to work. When I drag the file obtained from downloading the book using the desktop Kindle app, the DRM remains and it isn't converted into the AZW3 format so it can't be moved to my English Kindle. I dunno if I did something wrong, I followed it word-for-word in this video, or if it doesn't work now – no idea.

  6. Just incase anyone is running into this: download the kindle from the link in the description, NOT from amazon. you need the earlier version so you don't receive the new DRM (which the plugin cant handle)

  7. Well I went to that site to get ebooks and they use this ruby/furigana format.. 《ろうばい》anyone know how to make it go away? It messes up text to speech and dictionary lookups.

  8. is it me or 90% of the text is not showing furigana not only in the one in the video also I have downloaded other books, is it the file it self or im doing something wrong? thanks

  9. What Epwings do you recommend to use for kindle for someone just finished RTK1 and can pass N4? the android app only allows for their own downloaded dictionaries, but you can rename mobi epwings to work in their place. But this only offers a limited number of dictionaries.

  10. I tried connecting my UK Kindle to a Japanese account because I don't mind being unable to read UK books, but when I log in to the account on my desktop it says I don't have any kindles registered, and when connecting to the store on my UK kindle it connects to Amazon UK, so I have no idea how to send Japanese books using the normal method

  11. For those of you who aren't ready for those monolingual dictionaries and really like the JMDict Japanese-English Dictionary, I found this github page that's made it available for kindle:

  12. Does the dictionary file work with PC? It works for my kindle but when I put the mobi in the "kindle content" windows folder, it doesn't load.


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