HOW TO PLAY WARWICK LIKE A PRO IN 16 MINUTES – Warwick Jungle Commentary Guide – League of Legends


How to Play Warwick Jungle like a pro in 16 minutes. I’m a Challenger Warwick Jungle main, in this video I’ll show you how I play Warwick Jungle properly, thus allowing you to 1v5. LEGIT INFO PACKED! Season 10 Complete Warwick Guide.

Warwick Jungle Guide Season 10 League of Legends
Warwick Season 10 Guide
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  1. Iceborn slow is actually really good. 🧊 Warwicks base dmg so high. PTA/Liandrys/Abyssal Mask/coup de grace 45% multipliers = Q nuclear explosions ☢️ 💥 💀

  2. I really love your guides. I hope you could also make some guides to other champions particularly J4. Thank you!

  3. LEgit a new player who just got Warwick I come to this video and spend 20 minutes learning the first 10 seconds of the video not understanding half his terms

  4. What the fuck? This guy doesn't even know how to play ww. I lvl 6 with ww, and im main.. And his always on w. Dont wanna pull up Q! Sk his littly noob… 😕

  5. I like that you're not just commentating as you play you pick a game that you did all the tips well and explained them.

  6. Bro is not in this game that I need help, doo a video when your team feed and show up what you doo to help us out

  7. was playing warwick before i saw this video, got called out for feeding, throwing, and that they were all gonna report me. After watching this video and analyzing the playstyle, I was then called a god, carrying, and insane. Thank you so much for the help!

  8. Hey there, WW main here. Plat elo. I actually prefer blue smite over red smite for slow, either to catch them up faster or to escape in certain situations. Would you mostly go for red? In which case you'd go with blue?

  9. its crazy how much you dont take into account in very low rank jg and how much you can improve with just general situational knowledge that guides like this provide. Thank you.


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