How to Install Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 with Product Key Only


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I ran into a small problem when I got around to installing Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016. I bought an activation key and was wondering how to install the programs. If you have the same question then follow along with my installation.

First of all, you should know that the Home and Student version includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. This key is for use on one computer and does not include a disc. It’s great because there are no monthly fees and I got mine for less than a hundred dollars. When you open the package, on the left flap you’ll find the web address where you need to go for installation.

Packed neatly on the right is where you’ll find the product key printed on the back of the card on the right and you’ll need this handy for your installation. Go to and enter your Microsoft Live uername and account. If you don’t have one, I think you might need to set one up.

You can find your new Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 programs by clicking the Windows icon in the task bar and selecting All Programs. And now you have access to these great Microsoft Office programs for a one-time fee! I hope you found this video helpful and if you did please give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more how to videos and product reviews.

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  1. Hey! So I've been running the yearly subscription Microsoft 365 on Windows 8.1. So will this Lifetime Office 2016 cause any compatibility issues on my Windows 8.1?

  2. I downloaded Office Home and Student 2016 from the MS Store. Can I transfer it to my desktop? It’s on my laptop right now.

  3. Hello! My MS Office 365 Professional has expired in September, can I install MS Home and Student 2016 in my computer? Will there be any problem? Only need the word, excel and powerpoint.

  4. hi, I like your video, I have a problem recently when I got from Amazon. it was like the same as on your video. My product comes with some type of chips that I don't really have Idea. can you please help me. how do I use this? do I have to insert to my USB or don't have any Idea?

  5. Office Setup Support: To avail the benefits of – Office Setup, you should purchase it and set it up on your device. You can pick any version and get it from online or offline. Visit us:-

  6. All of you please use Windows and Office ISO Downloader tool for Office IMG file downloads. It will download in your default browser on your PC. Very easy to download softwares like Windows 7 to Windows 10 ISO files and Office 2010 to 2019 IMG/ISO files. Install tab in My Account is waste of time to download products from Microsoft.


  8. Please help, I bought one for only one download too and I did what you did and downloaded it online, but when Im signed in on the computer, the one that was already installed on my new laptop, it says I have reached my limit of downloads and it says I already used that key, but it's the same account?? Why does this happen?? Please help and sorry for my English

  9. One question, what happened if after I installed it in my computer and then somebody stolen my product key, can they use the key to download for their computer as well?

  10. I appreciate the response actually the software did come up for me but it looked foreign I guess I wasn't used to that set up and thought I did something wrong. I guess the mystery was not having to enter the product key but it was given to me by my job so maybe I didn't need it I'm not sure thank you so much for your help!

  11. I actually got stuck right where you end the video. I haven't been asked to enter a product key yet which i still have (one i bought from my city job on sale). If you could have shown the next steps, actually using word a bit, may have helped. thanks

  12. Heyy The Only Working Way is to Get a Genuine Product Key , I got my Original Office 2016 from: It was very easy to install and activate I Recommend


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