How to Install Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus [Easy]


The video above will show anyone how to install Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, the full version. This is a not only a good idea, but it is really beneficial and legal to use. All I ask is some of your time, and I am sure you will like the results. Please leave any questions, comments, or concerns you might have in the comments. Everything you need is listed in the requirements down below.

64-bit Windows Operating System
Administrative Privileges
Microsoft Office 2013 Pro Plus Trial Link-
No need to fill out a survey
No product key required: Automatic activation
ImgBurn (Optional):
[Archive Extractors – Download Links]
(Optional) 7-Zip:
(Optional) Win-RAR:
[Rule For My Videos]
No requirement to fill out surveys.

Please check out my other videos when you’re all done. =D

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  1. Hi, I have a disk with Office 2013 Professional Plus. I just got a new Lenovo with Windows 10. I went to install the program, but it told me I would have to uninstall the preloaded programs of Office, I did that and I went to install my disk, but I keep getting the message of Windows cannot find C:ProgramfilesMicrosoftoffice15Client64Xintegrated office.exe. Can you help me?

  2. There are free office 2013 product key for you here Friends can use these keys to activate your office 2013.

  3. Did it install a software called "KMSpico" after running the activator? Also what would happen if you uninstalled the "KMSpico" software?

  4. rapid share doesnt work anymore.
    did you change the link to another site that also offers the choice to download office 2013? i am not sure.

  5. The link help me that i got working office key here. and you can also got all version of office key. Recommend to you.

  6. All best for you ,for someone who want to use one genuine key to activate permanently ,my proposal is to search "ms key offer office" by YAHOO ,it will be helpful ,thanks

  7. Activate office 2013 click here:, you can find the keys you want in a low price that you have never imagined.

  8. Thank you so much!!! I have been trying so hard to get this installed with no success until I find your video. Thanks again, you are the man! All the best to you.

  9. Thanks for your video, guys if you need to activate your office 2013, you can go for help.

  10. guys want to install office can click here, recently my computer was wrong and my friend introduce this link to me, and with the help of this web, my computer return good. wish it can help you install your office and other problems.

  11. Why I can't open the link you given?? please help me..

    The website declined to show this webpage
     HTTP 403

    Most likely causes:
    This website requires you to log in.
    What you can try:

    Go back to the previous page.Go back to the previous page.

  12. i cant seem to open the KMSpico_install_V2.exe file. Once clicked, it says ' the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable

  13. It only says burn disc image then opens my cd drive when i try to turn the Office 2013 Retail, Also im on Windows 7.

  14. Is the file suppose to be Video Files.7z? That's what I've been getting from the link in the description. 

  15. I followed each step mentioned by you and successfully installed the office but when I looked under account tab it says 'Activation Required'. can you please help? Also, when I tried installing KMSpico, my anti virus (AVG) prevented me from installing it, so i turned it off and then tried. I heard a bunch of back ground sounds related to security at risk, but at the end it said program complete.

    Can you please help????

  16. When I try to open the Office 2013 Retail File, I keep getting an error message box: "Windows can't open this file"…I tried burning the image file to the disc, and then proceeding with the set up. still got same message when I tried to open it.

  17. how come it wont let me install visio despite it being shown? i had installed ms office pro 2013 previously, but wanted to add visio today.  i tried this on my laptop with no success

  18. I've tried logging in several times using your above link and seem to get it to open up (after waiting for quiet a long time). Does it still work?

  19. I was using windows 8.1 pro when installing this, but then once I downloaded them .ZIP file, and extracted it, then mounted it, but once I got to the setup part, they said I need to find a version for my PC check the software publisher,

    So can you help me solve this problem plz???


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