How to fix lenovo wireless capabilities


Here is the new updated video for the old retarded one yay 🙂

Windows mobility centre —————————)(Does not work)
Loptops shortcut enable button——————-)(Does not work)
Switch Button on the side—————————)(Does not work)
Trobleshooting——————————————-)(Does not work)

Just to not make the video to watch retardedly here is some scene selections:
Introduction 0:00
Light indicators 1:27
First method button and Button keys 2:55
Second Method Updating your drivers 5:15
Make sure to check your loptop first if it already have the lenovo energy management app on 11:00
How to get Lenovo energy management to your broken loptop 9:00
Third Method Recomended to try first using lenovo energy management 12:00

Thx you for watching let me know which method works for you 😉

Link to download Lenovo energy management for windows 7:
Link to download Lenovo energy management for windows 8:
Link to the old video:
Link to the last video:
And for some random videos link:

Make sure to share the video to help others 🙂


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