Fairy Tail on PS4 – 20 Minutes Of Exclusive English Gameplay

Fairy Tail on PS4 – 20 Minutes Of Exclusive English Gameplay

It’s time to see some English gameplay of Fairy Tail for the first time! Join Rob as he talks to Nathan from Koei Tecmo about the Fairy Tail universe and what we will be expecting from the game.

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We use AverMedia’s live Gamer Pro for PS4 capture and streaming.

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  1. The guy the live in the kingdom of fior there's me like it's FIORE

  2. I was excited for this game until I found out it’s turned based. 🤢 They need a fast action Fairy Tail game like something similar to Naruto Storm game series or the warriors series.

  3. the loading screen before a fight is unacceptable, every JRPG has some sort of screen transition effect going way back to NES days lol, they need to fix that ASAP

  4. when th game is going to be released in UK?

  5. I think they use the jrpg template from the Epic Game Store for their combat system. Not a bad thing, I just found it interesting

  6. Not a fan of the turn base fighting…..should of did what FFVII remake did.

  7. At least do some damn research about the series when you do coverage on a game. You're botching information and mispronouncing names. You literally don't know who half the characters are. Magicians? They're wizards. I'm so disappointed.

  8. The Gameplay looks like trails of cold steel

  9. why on earth is this turn base?

  10. Epic magic punch

  11. The gameplay should have been like naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 or xenoverse 2, everything is perfect but fighting in that way using anything, anytime, on any enemy should have been just 🔥🔥

  12. The idea is great and i would love to see Fairy Tail Games but unfortunately i don't feel this one…..

  13. They finally make a Fairy Tail game for console and it a turn based fighting game like persona but it’s only on one console and it’s gameplay looks like an utter disappointment it pains me to see Fairy Tail this way

  14. Its more like pokemon battle in combats

  15. Look at a the little but hurt weeps . Ahh just worms my hart. Now please go back to hugging your starchy body pillows and leave the real games for men like us.

  16. Just now watching this and i am very disappointed that this is a turn based game🤦‍♂️i was really hoping for an action rpg, especially since fairy tail is my favorite anime

  17. This looks like a good game, not an amazing one, but a good one. Like an 8/10


  19. Is it just me or are a lot of disappointed that once we finally get a Fairy tail game it turn based like I want a fairy tail game were I can fight using the characters with a lot of action

  20. 3:14
    They are not magicians
    They are wizards

  21. FT my favorite anime but the fighting system should be real time or like hack an slash. I just don’t see FT as a turn based combat game

  22. Lol FT my favorite anime but turn based… Nah fam it should be more like the Batman series. Batman Arkham knight etc

  23. i hope they dont use the same hand animation to every character there is cuz thats what its looking like
    plus this game is looking a bit weird. They prob hired some really cheap dudes.

  24. I was so hyped until I saw the turn based combat disappointment 😑

  25. are they copying persona 5 battle commands? 0_o

  26. The game release has been delayed until July 30th.

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