Drain Tank Warwick – Undying Carry – League of Legends Game Commentary – On Hit WW


Here’s the AD Warwick in action, or Drain Tank warwick, whatever you wanna call him, in action. Though I usually play top, Warwick by himself is a fantastic jungler, and with a tiamat and some macro management, you can farm yourself up to literally 1v5 an enemy team!

Here’s the MOBAFire guide:

Outro music – Dark World remix by GameChops (Zelda and Chill)

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  1. You know you can hold Q to go through enemy and cut their path, right? Because you never used in countless times you could do it and keep autoing

  2. I'm a top Warwick main and I just want to know, why you build wit's end? Parnellyx who's challenger Warwick main in NA never builds this item because it's didn't cover WW weakness and don't offer much instead of trinity force that give everything WW needs. Great video!


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