[Blade and Soul] First After Level 60: New Player Guide | October 2019


The return of the only video anyone watches my channel for…
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Character Creation:

Moon Refuge:

Celestial Basin:

Unity System:


8 Gem Slot Weapon:


Soul Shields:

If I forgot one tell me and I’ll list it here.

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  1. I just got Skybreak Earing from Skybreak Spire yet it doesnt have an upgrade path.. What im doing wrong? or is it bugged?

  2. Something pretty cool is that mushin’s tower can be easily done after 60 and with the warrior tokens it becomes very easy to get octagonal gems

  3. I'm sooo sruggling upgading my dawnforged weapon cause of the brilliand keys that i need for starstone and rootwell weapon, i dont rly know what to do, just wait to buy them from amrket cause hm brilliant keys not working?

  4. Thank you so much!!!!!,afetr a long 4 years break (lol) I returned and it seem i was lost until I saw your guides, help me a lot!!!.

  5. Wow what a shitty upgrade system this game has, in LA2 one can just make some money and buy any needed items.
    In B&S I already have my storage full of resources and still can't upgrade my weapon even once, it's so frustrating.
    Thanks for the information tho, nice vid.

  6. So complicated, you have to explain slow and repeat while you explain, 80% wont understand anything you say man.
    Tell ncsoft their games suck, its why noone plays this crap anymore, just old no lifers.
    Video closed after first 5 min.

  7. It’s a bit harder to get items like assessories with the silly bidding system. Really wish they would due away with that and just make everything drop individually for each person

  8. i was having fun in the game but this video makes it boring as fuck but it has useful info how can i like and dislike in the same time

  9. You see new players don’t watch this after starting playing it
    They only want to see the naked girl scenes
    They only watch this when they already sold the most of stuff which were useful and didn’t know how to use

  10. So basically after moom refuge is done. You can only progress futher doing raids 😦? Is there no Solo option? Like Master hong or something or is that just for leaderboards?

  11. Just came back to the game and you recommended buying the Fallen SoulShield with [Moonlight Buds], but I found like 200+ [Hive Queen Wings] in my bank and I could use them to buy the Fallen Soulshield from a vendor in Mushin's tower. Just realizing that might have been a mistake…

    The question is, what's the best use for the different items that are in game atm? Things like Raven Feathers. Queens Wings, Celestial Wings, Verdant Nightstone, Tawny Nightstone even Naryu Silver.

  12. This is a very helpful guide but like, everytime you say just go and buy them of the market i look at my 70 gold and suffer in pain

  13. Thank you so much for this, I just started playing the game again, after leaving in 2017, and..wow, so much has changed.

  14. Hey mate.At the end of the recording you said that you wrote down the script … but i don't see the link to it … could you upload it here ? or should i check on discord?

  15. THANK YOU! as a returning player who has no idea whats going on anymore, this was def an awesome video! Thanks a bunch <3


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