2017 HP Spectre x360 15 versus 2017 Lenovo Yoga 720 15


HP Spectre x360 15.6″ here ===
Lenovo Yoga 720 15.6″ here ===

I do a feature based comparison of two of the most powerful 2-in-1 convertible laptops on the market. I didn’t want to get one without knowing if the other would be a better fit for me, so I picked both up and this video is my take on these two fantastic devices.

Reviewed System Specs:

Lenovo Yoga 720 15.6″ 2-in-1
– Quad Core Intel i7-7700HQ Processor
– NVidia GTX 1050 2GB VRAM Video Card
– 4K Touch Display with Digitizer for Active Stylus / Pen Support
– 16GB RAM
– 512GB SSD

HP Spectre x360 15.6″ 2-in-1
– Dual Core Intel i7-7500U Processor
– NVidia 940MX 2GB VRAM Video Card
– 4K Touch Display with Digitizer for Included Pen
– 16GB RAM
– 512GB SSD

Yoga 720 Pros:
– Powerful
– Excellent graphics card for a 2-in-1 – truly capable
– Excellent keyboard
– Ultra-portable – under 5lbs with all this power

Yoga 720 Cons:
– Proprietary charging cable
– Would like more ports
– Build quality not quite as good as that of the HP
– Doesn’t include the stylus / pen
– Only PCIE 2 lanes for thunderbolt
– More backlight bleed than the HP

Spectre Pros:
– One of the most beautiful pieces of hardware produced
– Good speakers for a thin laptop
– Includes stylus / pen
– One of the best feeling portable keyboards I’ve typed on
– Ultra-portable – under 5lbs

Spectre Cons:
– Priced the same as the Yoga with less power both CPU and GPU
– Don’t love the extra row of keys on the far right of the keyboard – prefer the modifier key
– Stylus / Pen not sensitive enough to work for creative folks


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  1. Thanks for the rewiew. I work whit 3D CAD and I bought the yoga, i didn t see that I got the Hd model instead the 4k….is there a big difference from the Hd – 4k, or I should change it?

  2. Have you experienced any problems with the wifi adapter? If so, how you fix it? I bought a 15" yoga 730 and now is having issues with the wifi. Probably I will have to return it. Thanks

  3. @Coding Blocks, as to CTRL and Fn keys, usually Lenovo's BIOS settings allow you to switch them. I've done it on my ThinkPads. I suspect should be a case here as well. Great review. Thanks.

  4. USB C hub on Amazon has Ethernet port, SD Card Reader, HDMI port and two USB 3.0 ports, for $43.

  5. I own the Yoga 720 15inch. The wobble that he talks about isn't present in my device. The keyboard however, take getting used to. Given that I've never owned a laptop of my own before this one, and relied on my father's or brother's laptop if at all needed, I realized that the key travel and the actuation force don't just feel natural together in the beginning. I agree that the build quality of HP is better than my Yoga. but the pen functionality and the graphics are just amazing on this one. Just buy a wacom pen (they make digital pens for most companies) and draw your next masterpiece!

  6. What about buying 1080p version VS 4k version on both?? I do not care about the definition but I do care about colour accuracy. Im thinking also on buing HP Envy x360. But 4k screens are almost our of my budget, I colour accuracy use to be better at those 4k…. How good/bad are 1080p at these models from the point of view of colour accuracy???

  7. I am considering purchasing the Yoga 720 4K. I’ve looked at the 1 star reviews on Lenovo’s forum and a common problem that I saw was that it had a “black line” issue where a black line would appear at the top-right of the screen anywhere from 1 day to a few months after the purchase. I am wondering if anyone who has purchased the 720 has actually experienced this, as this is the only thing stopping me from buying it.


  8. Lenovo yoga 720 is much more better than Hp in terms of performance and everything.Can you please review some of the comparison between the Lenovo yoga 720S 4k display with gtx 1050ti vs Lenovo yoga720 with gtx 1050.

  9. Thank you very much for your review. I would prefer the Yoga 720, because of the Drawing issue, and gaming. But I have a question – I also found this Convertable: ASUS Convertible TP510UQ-E8033T, (90NB0GC1-M00340). It also has a i5 Processor and a geforce. It has more connectitity, just like the HP, and has 1TB Hdd as well as a SSD. I cannot decide between Yoga 720 (i5-Version) and Asus TP510. Which one would you prefer? The most important thing for me here, is drawing and gaming. But I found no reviews of Asus TP510uQ. I would be happy, if you could help me – and sry for by bad english^^ Thank you 🙂

  10. March 2018: There are new CPUs and GPUs for both now – 8 gen. Also, there is a new stylus tilt pen for HP. I don't know about Lenovo but HP support 4 x Pcie thunderbolt now.

  11. I need help with a decision! I'm looking for a new laptop with a budget of $1100-$1300. I have multiple needs.1) A convertible with pen support (I'm a coach, so using the computer as a drawing board during practice, matches, etc.). 2) The CPU power to use a DAW (currently using Cakewalk) to record and produce music. 3) The GPU power to be able to comfortably play ONE game- X-Plane 11 (http://www.x-plane.com/kb/x-plane-11-system-requirements). 4) Portable (ideally a 14 in. screen… maybe 15 in. if you make a good argument for it).

    I've come across two potential candidates- The Lenovo Thinkpad P40 and the Yoga 720. Considering the needs listed above, what thoughts do you have? Do you have any other suggestions?

  12. The wobble drove me nuts on all these machines….I bought a Yoga 920….the wobble is WAY more controlled….

  13. I'm coming from a Mac, I use Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketchbook Pro extensively for my profession, some photo editing, not much gaming. Which do you prefer?

  14. There's a new version of Spectre came out with new 8 gen i7 with 4 cores and with a new GeForce MX150. Does it change the game or not?

  15. Hej there,
    I'm just wondering if I should really spend the additional cash on the UHD model. Since it's in games not really usable.
    DO you think it will be a lot better in photo editing?
    Or just in general, do you know if one display is better than the other in terms of brightness and colors? THanks!

  16. I'm an application developer and I purchased a lenovo yogo 720 2-in-1 13.3 touch-Screen with Intel core i5 – 8gb memory with 256gb solid state drive. I haven't opened it yet because I'm trying to do more research before opening it. Would you recommend this laptop for my use?

  17. Great Review Allen. With the late version of the spectre they have narrowed the playing field somewhat. The kaby lake-R i7 that is included now is quad-core (8 with HT) i7-8550U and the older version was only dual-core and graphics got upgraded to nvidia mx150. While its still not going to be quite as powerful as 7700 & 1050 its going to be pretty dang close and the power profile will be much smaller. They also (thankfully) when to a samsung SSD from a toshiba. They has such great deals on the spectre during black friday i picked up one (no such deals on the 720).

  18. I am confused between xps 15(i7-7700hq) and HP spectre (i7-8550U). I am Microsoft Dev( visual studio). Which one do to suggest

  19. Thanks for the review. I wonder why Youtube has so few reviews for programmers. Thanks for making one.

    Have you considered X1 Yoga OLED?

  20. Excellent review! !! Very clear and understanding of which one to go for!! I myself would go for horse power because of multi tasking and the pen detail on yoga for drawing. Brilliant! !! Thanks a lot.

  21. The pen for the Yoga 720 was not released until this month.
    Tho I do wish they would have provided a coupon or something to get one for free with it.

    I have had a MBP since 2012 and just so happened that the hard drive died on me during a major project and I needed a new laptop that weekend. I went up to BestBuy and they had an Open Box 720 max spec for 1k$ and I talked my self into it over the new MBP I was looking at.
    I have been Very Happy with my purchase, I am glad they had the Open Box when I was looking for one or I would not have picked up the touchscreen version.
    Would purchase this again in a heart beat.


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