✧・゚*₊˚༄  true beauty: ˚✩ ༉

✧・゚*₊˚༄ true beauty: ˚✩ ༉

❝ who am i, you ask?

a universally recognized goddess.❞

based on the webtoon true beauty, this gives you the world and everyone can see it.

b e n e f i t s;

the victoria’s secret super model facial;

charlotte tilbury’s magic away concealor
_reduce dark circles, blemishes, imperfections
_youthful taut skin, free of wrinkles, lines, crows feet etc.
_luminous, enhanced, and smooth full coverage flawless application anywhere, wherever you want it.
_super potent infusion of the bliss molecule, persian silk tree bark extract, wild indigo extract.

charlotte tilbury’s airbrush flawless finish
_natural appearance of an ultra fine setting powder.
_completely blur skin, reduce shine like a fine cashmere veil.
_nourish the skin with almond oil, & tilia cordata extract for a dewy, luminous glow
_completely soothe and restore skin

charlotte tilbury’s brow lift in ideal shade.
_ shape, define, lift for perfectly groomed eyebrows.
_ naturally highlighted eyes.
_ instant lift & rejuvenation

charlotte tilbury’s life changing lashes eyelash curlers
_ natural appearance of perfectly curled lashes
_ bright, opened eyes and elongated lashes.

charlotte tilbury’s magic cream moisturizer.
_intensely hydrated, plump, moisturized skin
_hyaluronic acid, wild pansy, rosehip oils, camellia oils, sunflower seed oil, rose flower water & antioxidants.
_ complete reversal, abolishment of tired, dull looking skin, and free radicals.
_instant transformation
_anti-aging bionymph peptide complex
_ natural appearance of having received over 8 hours of sleep instantly.

charlotte tilbury’s magic eye rescue eye cream
_permeate the skin with retinol, castor oil, olus oil, olive oil, shea butter, squalane, hydrogenated lecithin, chondrus crispus extract, soybean oil, daphne odora callus extract, nicotiana sylvestris leaf cell culture, plumeria rubra flower extract, borage seed oil , & retinyl Palmitate.
_completely repair and protect DNA
_ shield against degradation

victoria’s secret brow or never eyebrow gel in the shade clear.
_natural appearance of perfectly set, held in place eyebrows
_considered the angel’s secret to perfect selfies.

cgi/agi beauty
_of the entire body and face.
_the literal epitome of supernatural fantasy-like beauty, and allure.
_ irresistibly attractive person in human kind, it its literally undeniable that you are above the ideal beauty no matter where you are or go.
_ people have to look over their shoulder, double take, whispers, trip over themselves, literally pick their mouths up from the ground at how stunning you are.
_ infinitely, supremely beautiful, with perfect physique, the most transcenent ultimate beauty that there is.
_ you can literally wear a trashbag and walk for vogue, you know exactly how to enhance your natural appeal, words, and actions, and attract only the best light possible.
_ absolutely perfect front and side profile, attractive at any and all angles, photos and videos can’t even compare to how beautiful you are in person.
_ beautiful hypnotizing, mesmorizing eyes and gaze,
_extremely potent anatomically detailed desired face, neck, voice ( speaking, singing ), and height!!!
_proportional attractive features ( head, face, eyelids etc. )
_perfect tongue posture, and breathing, complete reversal of any effects of mouth breathing.
_straight, perfect, blinding, sparkling white teeth, with appearance of having worn braces for an entire lifetime, with ideal gaps in teeth and absolutely prestine breath smell.
_perfect pink, healthy gums.
_ sexy, attractive, perfect smile and features in any act or expression.
_literally incapable of ever looking bad, ugly, or unattractive.
_thick, perfectly groomed, sculpted, clipped eyebrows.
_ complete reversal, removal of scars of all types, marks, acne scars of all types, and spots.

+ much more continued in the pinned comment.

note; holy wow, this took days, the affirmations were actually more than 60 hours worth, if i could think about it, i put it in here, it’s extremely detailed and super layered. i figured the long length would be nice for a huge combo like this.

love note; this is my holiday gift to you all, who love and support my channel, it started as a modeling package thank you for gaining 200 subscribers, and turned into something much more. i am extremely grateful, and hope that you all enjoy this. o/ with love, xoxo happy holidays.

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