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This video shows you how to turn on WiFi on Windows 10 in Lenovo Laptop.

To enable/turn on the WiFi hardware on the Lenovo laptop computer:

Step 1: If you have a Lenovo branded laptop computer and you can not activate your WiFi device after you do the maintenance of your computer, this video will provide you with a solution.

Step 2: On Lenovo, the FN + F5 key combination is typically used to enable or disable WiFi on the Windows 10 operating system.

Step 3: The WiFi disabled issue usually comes with driver issues on your WiFi device in Windows 10.

Step 4: However, in some cases, if you still can not activate your computer’s WiFi, it may be related to BIOS.

Step 5: You need Lenovo’s Energy Management Software to enable the WiFi hardware device. You can download the Lenovo Energy Management software to your computer by visiting the following link.

Step 6: After downloading Lenovo Energy Management, install your computer and start the program.

Step 7: After running Lenovo Energy Management, press “Fn + F5” keys together to activate WiFi.

➦ FN + F5

Step 8: Depending on the model of your computer, your Lenovo computer may have different key combinations to turn WiFi on or off. So you can try “Fn + F2 / Fn + 11”.

Step 9: After applying the above steps, you will have solved the WiFi problem on your Lenovo Windows 10 computer.

Step 10: If you still have a WiFi problem, you may need to purchase a new WiFi device that is compatible with your computer.

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